The Name Game


We haven’t talked unfortunate names in a while, but Shane got punk’d big time on Tuesday night. The “info” on the TV for the Craig Ferguson Show indicated that “golfer Adam Scott” would be making an appearance. Yay! My/our crush!! I of course passed out on the couch before there was even mention of the Australian hotness. Shane told me last night that it turned out not to be GOLFER  Adam Scott, but ACTOR Adam Scott. Small bummer for Shane, but BIG BIG bummer for Adam Scott, the actor. It has to suck to share a name with someone who is super duper hot. Especially if you are not. It would be like if my name were Angelina Voigt or something. Sorry Adam Scott the actor, you will always be the “other” Adam Scott to me!


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  1. shane says:

    Yeah, that was bull crap man. And it was Craig Ferguson’s show too. I got punked by the douchebag from Knocked Up (One of the random doctors) and that stupid sex show with the three couples in therapy on HBO that was thankfully cancelled…

  2. The Bitch says:

    Tell me you love me was cancelled? I wanted to see what happened to the 9 year old who was maturing too quickly. Isabella was FASCINATING.

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