Mommy Wants Vodka


If Pepper had a nickel for everytime she’s heard “Mommy Wants Vodka”, she would be one rich bitch!!

Mommy Wants Vodka is actually this new blog that I stumbled upon tonight while obsessively checking my keyword searches. Turns out MWV and I have both referenced tattoos and used the f word at some point in our blogging. Shocking! But it is a rare treat to find a URL as clever as my own, so I had to investigate.

Her post of “100 of the most boring things you’ll ever read” gives a good snapshot of Mommy’s story. The Bitch was immediately hooked upon learning that she shares my Elvis Vegas wedding fantasy and wishes she lives in NYC and has a flip flop obsession. She also says shit storm, one of my favorites. So I have barely scratched the surface, but I am adding Mommy Wants Vodka to my blogroll, along with the matt-and-maddie-make-me-cry blog from a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy!! things

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6 Responses to “Mommy Wants Vodka”

  1. wendy g says:

    Sounds like you have found a kindred spirit. Perhaps a vodka play date is in order?

  2. Kimmers says:

    non-mommy wants vodka.

  3. The Bitch says:

    KIMMERS!! welcome back!

  4. LG says:

    I saw a mango vodka billboard the other day which got me very excited. Mangos are my fave and an alcoholic version must be DELICIOUS!

  5. The Bitch says:

    Last year I had a cursing fit in the duty-free shop at SFO because they would not let me buy the mango vodka. Mangos are my fave too. I want to make a mango sorbet sgroppino…mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  6. online says:


    Mommy Wants Vodka « Bitch du Jour…

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